Of course we’re big fans of sweat, but most of it’s benefits go untold. Here are 5 more reasons to get your sweat on this year and stick to your detoxing and weight loss resolutions.o-WORKOUT-HEADPHPONES-facebook

1: Say goodbye to toxins!

If you had a rough NYE, the morning after, you might have observed a constant shift in body temperature. Did you get the sweats? When your body sweats, it pushes out substances responsible for clogging up your body like alcohol, cholestorol, and sodium chloride.

2: Time won’t heal all wounds, but sweat might be your unexpected hero.

According to Lifehack.org, University of Michigan researcher Laure Rittie discovered that glands host an “important reservoir of adult stem cells which aid in the process of wound closures.” The next step to modern medicine looks like it’s making progress through sweat!

3: “Put on a happy face!”

There’s no forcing a good mood, but when it comes to exercise and the power of sweat, you’ll observe a mental shift. Not all forms of exercise will reap the benefits of this endorphin release, but once you find the right activity that works with your body, that ‘rush’ feeling will have you eager to keep up!

4: Coded for survival.

What if we told you your sweat is at work to ward off colds and other infections? Human sweat glands secrete an anti-microbial peptide known as dermcidin. In other words, we practically sweat out antibiotics (this ties into benefit #2).

5: New year, new skin?

The more you exercise or sweat, the more your pores will open up to release the pesky bacteria causing you to break out in zits. Be quick to shower after your session though! You don’t want that to linger with you for long. Get ready to say hello to a fresh face!