What Our Customers Say

This place is absolutely amazing! Everything is brand new and super clean and beautiful. The staff was so nice and very knowledgeable. This was my first time in a infrared sauna so they explained everything and what to expect.

This was such a great way to relax but also burn calories. It gets your heart rate up and you sweat. A LOT. We got cold eucalyptus towels and a flat screen TV. The 40 minutes flew by. After the session I felt so refreshed. I will definitely be getting a membership.

Danielle P.

Orange, CA

A new addition to the Promenade Plaza that I am thankful for! I am a spin instructor and I can already feel the benefits after 4 sessions.

I feel great going pre and post workout! Prepare to relax, flush out toxins, improved skin and overall wellness! Oh, I can’t forget to mention the amazing sleep I’ve been getting!

PS: the cold eucalyptus towels are a great way to end a session!

Jordan T.

Anaheim, CA

Purify is a beautifully and thoughtfully engineered sauna lounge. Everything is well thought out and high tech.

We loved being able to control the temperature from inside the room. We also enjoyed being able to adjust the volume of the music and even watch TV on a flatscreen outside of the sauna.

The first 20 minutes we listened to downtempo zen music and the second 20 minutes we watched a Fixer Upper reveal and Ducks Hockey pre game commentary which was awesome.

We were delighted by the chromatherapy and loved changing the light colors inside the sauna.

Heather was friendly and knowledgeable and made sure we were comfortable. She took the time to explain all the features of the sauna room, provide a fresh set of towels for in the sauna and cool eucalyptus towels for afterwards.

Fresh flowers in the room were also a nice touch.I definitely recommend this sauna lounge as a relaxing experience to help detox and de-stress.
Make sure you bring plenty of water to drink while you sweat!

Bridgette O.

Yorba Linda, CA

I’m definitely coming back, everything is brand-new, the staff is really nice and helpful. I feel really good coming out of here.

Christian A.

Anaheim, CA

This place was so amazing!! Not only does it have great health benefits but it was SO clean and brand new. They give you plenty of towels, a flat screen TV and colt eucalyptus towels for when you get out! Not to mention how friendly and informative the staff was! I highly recommend.

Chelsea C.

Costa Mesa, CA

This’s the place to come and relax- came in after a hard workout and came out feeling so great.

Daisy S.

Orange, CA

My first experience at Purify was yesterday afternoon. It was great! I called ahead just to make sure there was a sauna available. I was advised that they do take walk-ins but it’s better to make an appointment just in case. However, there was a sauna available, so that worked out perfectly. The place is immaculate and feels like a day spa. Since it was my first time, an employee explained how the sauna works and showed me how to change the lighting inside the sauna. Pretty cool! Each session is 40 mins and there’s a timer inside the room. There’s also a flat screen TV so you can pass the time by watching your favorite shows or even listen to music. Very nice. The cold eucalyptus towels they provided afterwards were so refreshing. I’ll definitely be back again soon! Thanks to my friend Cesar for recommending Purify!

Delania G.

Yorba Linda, CA

This was my first time using an infrared sauna and I’m hooked! I was so impressed when I walked into Purify Sauna Lounge. I was greeted kindly and both the employees at the front desk were really knowledgable. They answered all my questions and told me a lot of information about the benefits of infrared saunas that I never knew before. The lobby was very clean and they had candles and assorted beverages for sale.

After I checked in, I grabbed a magazine from the lobby and they walked me back to my room. The room had dimmed serene lighting, relaxing music playing, and smelled amazing. In the room was the sauna, dry/clean towels, a mirror, a place to hang my belongings, and a large flat screen with a remote to play music or watch direct tv! The owner showed me how to work the tv, how to adjust the temperature of the sauna, how to change the light color in the sauna and then brought me two cold towels that smelled like eucalyptus. She left the room and shut the door behind her. I quickly undressed and wrapped myself in one of the towels provided, set the timer for 40 minutes, and got in the sauna. I opened my eyes when the timer went off and was SO sad that my time was up. I felt so refreshed and relaxed. I definitely recommend this sauna lounge and can’t wait to come back again!!!

Cynthia S.

Westminster, CA

I had never heard of an infared sauna before. After sitting in a peaceful private room set at 150 degrees for 40 minutes, with my own tv/music choices, light settings, an ice cold towel, and a set of dry towels, I literally walked out feeling so refreshed. I felt as if I had just worked out for an hour straight and my skin was so incredibly soft, I can’t wait to see how I sleep tonight. I will absolutely go back and make a habit of this. It truly motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle and continue healthy habits.The staff is so nice and the owner was kind enough to give us an entire run down of all the benefits infared brings to the human body.

Kelly A.

Orange, CA

This was my first time in an infared sauna and it was amazing! The staff was really great about explaining how everything worked and heather, the owner was the sweetest! After a 40 minute session, I felt great and burning 500 calories was an awesome bonus! Definitely coming back here soon!

Kelsey B.

Cypress, CA

Loved everything about it and can’t wait to come back. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the setup is very Zen and welcoming. Looking forward to going back and getting another good sweat!

Sarah B.

Orange, CA

I had an amazing experience at Purify Sauna Lounge! I loved the ambience and the staff was friendly and welcoming! I can’t wait to go back for another session!

Nazia K.

Anaheim, CA