Plan Your Visit


Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your first scheduled session to fill out your client profile and learn the features of our Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 2 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel prior to your scheduled appointment you will be charged with a single session from your membership or package. Please speak with the front desk if you have any questions.


Appointments are strongly suggested and can be booked online, over the phone or via the Mindbody app. We will accommodate walk-ins subject to sauna availability.

How to Prepare

Before entering the sauna it is important that you are hydrated. You may bring your own water into the sauna or large bottled water is available for purchase. If you are looking to achieve weight loss benefits we recommend you attend Purify after a workout so your heart rate is already increased. Please make sure you come with a clean face free of any makeup to avoid clogging your pores. We provide makeup remover wipes for your convenience.

What to Wear

While sitting in your private sauna it is suggested to wear the least amount of clothing for maximum skin exposure to the heat.  You can wear a bathing suit, loose fitting clothes or wrap yourself in a towel.

Inside the Sauna

All of our full spectrum infrared saunas are equipped with flat screen TV’s and offer a full lineup of Direct TV programming. You can listen to music, watch one of your favorite shows, bring in a book or magazine, or just relax with no outside distractions. We provide towels and cold eucalyptus towels for your sauna session.

After your Session

After your sauna session you will want to change into something comfortable and are ok sweating in while your body cools down.

Purify Sauna Lounge does not have showers. It is important to let your body and heart rate cool down naturally for 30 minutes. Once you have completed the cool down process you will want to shower and scrub your skin to rid your body of the toxins you just detoxed from your session.

Ready to Get Started?

Our saunas help you to feel better.